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Below you’ll find many antelope slot canyon tour reviews and testimonials of those who have experienced them for themselves. See what makes us the best tour company for upper antelope canyon and horseshoe bend. Don’t just take our word for it, see what people are saying and decide if you want to book an antelope canyon tour for yourself!

BEST OF THE TOURS — This was the best of all of the tours that I have taken, Upper and Lower Antelope Canyons, Antelope Canyon boat tour, Rainbow Bridge Tour.This is the ONLY tour that goes to this slot canyon and that is very, very important if you want to take pictures. All of the other tours have numerous groups at a time, but this is the ONLY tour where there is ONE group at a time. No rush, no hurry, just a chance to see this beautiful slot canyon in all of its glory. Brandon was my guide and for such a young age was very, very knowledgeable, plus being a photographer was very helpful. Like I said this is a must tour.
— James H.
TOTALLY PERFECT — This is a tour that is small groups (max 15) we were 8. Brandon was just the perfect tour guide - we had ample time to go at our own pace and take endless photos! The drive to the start in the open sided vehicle was a fun part of the whole experience. Why go with a huge impersonal crowd when you have this little unexpected gem. I wish I could rate it more!
— Jay Bird
NOT YOUR AVERAGE SLOT CANYON TOUR!!! — An Inspiring geologic and cultural experience! Breathtaking canyon, Native family stories, Hogan visit, Horseshoe bend, Live Indian flute music in the canyon and even help taking the perfect photos. We even loved the shuttle ride. Don’t miss this unique tour!!
— Jed Hafen
Best tour by far. Don’t miss it! It is authentic, beautiful, an incredible experience. We had so much fun!
— Guest on Trip Advisor
AMAZING SLOT CANYON — If you are looking for a slot canyon tour company in Page without the crowds, pick this one.
The canyon itself was beautiful, but the best thing was our guide Trey. He shared his stories and gave great back ground information. Plenty of time to enjoy the canyon and take pictures.
Very professional set up all together. Enjoy! :-)
— Guest on Trip Advisor
AMAZING TOUR — We enjoyed the tour very much. The off-road drive to the slot canyon was fun, and we had plenty of time shooting photos in the canyon. No rush, no crowd at all. The tour also includes the quick tour of Navajo’s ancient life new the canyon. Can not forget!
— Guest on Trip Advisor
FANTASTIC — Bob was an absolutely wonderful guide! He gave us space to explore and was so informative, interested, and calm. Also, I must add an excellent driver! Everything was so easy! Great meeting spot, clean bathrooms, blankets, vehicle in great shape. I was traveling with my teenage daughter. There was a 5 year old with our group, college students, and us older folks. I can honestly say we all had a wonderful time together. Bob did an outstanding job of balancing the needs of this diverse group!
— Guest on Trip Advisor
I’ve visited Secret Canyon three times now, each visit at a different time of year. Each time has been marvelous, each time I’ve brought a different group of friends, but this time, with Horseshoe Bend Tours was the best. The approximately two hour easy hike is fabulous for the canyon, its light, the amazing twists and turns of the narrow wildly eroded multi-colored sandstone. I’ve also hiked three other Page area slot canyons and several others throughout southern Utah. All are great. Those near Page, like Secret, are unique for their color. Secret is similar to the others near Page but it is the best, in my opinion, for two important reasons. First, the special attention we received from Tim at the front desk while making our reservations and for the knowledge and insight of Brandon, our guide. TIm and Brandon are both local and both share knowledge of the area that others might not be able to or might not have the time to share. Second, the Horseshoe Bend groups are small. In none of my three trips through Secret have we been bothered by a large group, and on none of the three have we been hurried. Both are important. Large groups (like those in either of Upper or Lower Antelope) are noisy and don’t permit much personal attention from the guides. And large groups leave one with a feeling of being hurried. That latter is important if you just want to look and look again with awe. It’s critical if you want to take pictures.
— Bill Hyde
THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE MUST!!! — My husband and I visited HorseShoe Bend Slot Canyons for day one of our 4 day getaway in Arizona. It was every bit magnificent. For one we weren’t herded around like cattle which is very easy to do when one books “tours” of anything at these beautiful landmarks in Arizona. In fact it was the exact opposite. It was quiet. It was just me and my husband, along with TWO photographers who we later found out worked for National Geographic. Of course they brought their fancy cameras and my hubby and I made our way through with our fancy cellphones lol. We did not have a guide walk us through the entire canyon, at the entrance he showed us how these canyons were furthered formed by the wind and water and gave us some other cool information about the canyon. And guess what happened after that, he left us. He gave us 40 minutes to roam around by ourselves as he waited at the very entrance for us to return to him. The canyons were beautiful and the only sound you could hear was the sound of the wind through the canyons. Our guide Chance didn’t let the tour stop there either. He showed us more of his family’s land and explained in detail how his family acquired the beautiful land. As you can see, there are no other people in my photos (this is a small few of them) because we were treated like royalty- like we were the only ones that mattered (even if it was only for a few hours) but to experience this beauty first hand and at your own pace makes this place a unforgettable adventure in our week. Go here you will not be disappointed!!!
— Ashley N
Like many others, we have never been to Page, AZ. After some research, we quickly realized the “most famous spot” is Antelope Canyon. Amazing photos etc. However, when we continued to dig further the tours, you are packed in the canyon. There are 100’s of people down there with you. You will not be able to obtain one of those amazing shots. We stumbled upon HorseShoe Bend Slot Canyon Tour. Talk about professionalism, hospitality and great energy! We went on Tuesday, Feb 20th. Chance was our awesome tour guide. There were 10 folks on our tour - that’s right, 10. We had the entire canyon to ourselves. Chance was gracious in so many ways. He explained how the land belongs to his grandparents. How the slot canyons came about. He walked us through, and then we had 40 minutes to freely roam the canyon. He gave us tips for taking photos on iPhone (taking panoramic vertically not horizontally), what filters to use, how to ae/af lock your phone to adjust colors etc. Chance had great excitement/pride on his family’s land. If you want to check out the slot canyons in Page - this is the tour group to do with! Highly recommend it!
— Guest on Trip Advisor
WE LOVED IT!!!!! — What an experience!!!!!! Amazing...... Everything about the tour organisation was easy and efficient. Our guide was fantastic and the tour was simply fantastic - a must do!!!! The 4 WD drive to the Canyon was breathtaking (but not for those with back/neck problems nor those with Child). There were 5 of us on the tour and we were there by ourselves!!! No crowds and no pressure to keep moving. We had plenty of time to wander through the Canyon and to take some terrific photos. Definitely... we will be doing this again. We give this tour the highest possible recommendation.
— Guest on Trip Advisor
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